Helping our local schools

On 8th April ITM and NZCB ran Apprentice Challenge events in 13 venues around the country including Thomsons ITM Hamilton to find the finalists for this year’s National Final. Tasked with a challenging 8 hour build, all 70 of the apprentices planned, prepared and built an outdoor furniture set to be judged by teams of experts. This was a great opportunity for the future builders of New Zealand to show their skills and impress everyone with their craftsmanship and attention to detail. With representatives from ITAB,BCITO and Southern Group Training present, there was an incredible level of talent on display.  We have now passed on two of these tables to local primary schools, Te Pahu & Whatawhata.

Big Buddy Big Auction  

We are excited, and proud to be supporting GJ Gardner & Big Buddy in the inaugural Big Buddy Big Auction which will see 2 homes be auctioned off in August with all profits going to this special charity. Big Buddy is a free, secular, mentoring service run by dedicated professionals who recruit and rigorously screen volunteers from the community to become long-term mentors to fatherless boys. Upon being approached with this initiative, it was quickly apparent that this was an exceptionally good fit with us, not only could we appreciate the importance of the work Big Buddy undertake but it aligned with our core values and the nature of our industry. With a marketing strategy targeting predominantly males thirty plus, and our Priority Partners community initiative, which supports local school and clubs, we have an engaged audience to which we can actively promote the Buddy mentoring program and immediately the Big Buddy Big Auction.
Thomsons ITM is playing a pivotal role in the two house builds in Pukekohe and Hamilton having supplied the entire Frame and Trusses, project managing the bill of materials and managing the deliveries to site. In addition, we have allocated a portion of our local advertising spend on promoting the upcoming auctions.

To find out more about the auctions




April 2017 - Te Kowhai School Top School Games

Recently we sponsored the Te Kowhai School Top School Games 2017 & loved receiving this feedback.
"I would like to pass on our sincere appreciation and thanks for being a generous sponsor of our Top School Games 2017. The day was incredible and we managed to time it perfectly in the weekend between cyclones. Feedback from the visiting schools was overwhelmingly positive that the event went well. Through our fundraising efforts and your support, we managed to raise enough funds for a new Astroturf area, which was installed during the April holiday period."

Grey-Principal / Te Kowhai School

March 2017 - Picnic tables from prison to primary schools

Ararimu School's new table courtesy of Thomsons ITM & Springhill Correctional Facility.
Thomsons ITM Drury donated wood that had been sitting in the yard and become twisted which was then levelled out by prisoners learning a new trade in the Offender Employment Carpentry Training Workshop.
From there the wood was brought into Puna Tatari where the participants went about constructing and staining six tables.


Feb 2017 - Thomsons Raglan One Base fishing tournament

Waikato Sport Fishing Club is proud and excited to announce the Thomsons ITM Raglan One Base is organised and ready to go with Thomsons ITM on board this year as Platinum Sponsors.

Dec 2016- Trees at the Meteor

Thomsons ITM make this event happen. In partnership with Incedo, we have invested in Trees at the Meteor from its conception and has supported it to where it is today.  This year was no exception with the Meteor theatre being home to 60 plus NOT BORING trees that were a feast to the eyes. It was the wearable arts of the Christmas tree circuit.

Nov 2016  - Paterangi school gets a new sandpit

Paterangi school is extremely happy with their new sandpit. Product courtesy of Thomsons ITM and the building courtesy of Simon from our Crawford Street branch.

Nov 2016 - Garden ramble Tamahere & Matangi

Was lovely see folk come through our garden as part of the Tamahere & Matangi garden ramble held yesterday. Here are a few pics...Thanks Greg & Trish.

July 2016 - Dunlop 800km Endurance Race

About the race
Held at Hampton Downs Raceway , the race consists of three cars and three drivers in a relay style event with a LeMans start and the first team of drivers to complete the 800km distance takes the trophy and the glory for a year.

2016 - Message from the team
"11am and the race off at an unbelievable pace with the cool air and clean track a lot of competitors were setting exceptionally fast lap times.
As always attrition sets in and a few cars parked up behind the sheds to be loaded on trailers later.
We started in 19th out of 21 teams and set about clawing our way up the field. Our game plan was solid, keep the cars out as long as we could on the fuel we had and save at least one pit change over the other teams. It worked and by the end of the second hour we were inside the top ten.
All the team drove with conviction and determination putting in solid lap times but as the race neared the last hour two safety cars came out causing the field to bunch up. We were currently in fourth and with less than an hour to go this wouldn't change as the last drivers were putting in times a second and a half faster than us. As the last driver I pushed the car as hard as I dare but as the chequered flag fell we were to walk away, heads high with a respectable 4th place. We had achieved a lot even if we didn't take the silverware. We had three tidy cars and all our crew representing the ITM brand in a very professional manner, we had improved some of our team efficiencies from last year and we had succeeded in having a very smooth day."

June 2016 - Ethan Bai - Waikato trampolinist

Greg and Trish Thomson & Thomsons ITM are proud to be supporting Ethan Bai with his sporting journey.
Ethan will represent New Zealand at the AERE Trampoline Cup in Bresica, Italy in June.
Six Hamilton trampolinists have joined the New Zealand team travelling across the ditch for the Australia National Championship.


May 2016 - Picnic tables from prison to primary schools

Students at Ararimu Primary School now have new places to sit outside thanks to prisoners from Spring Hill Corrections Facility. Principal Corrections Officer Jimbob Gregory recently visited the school and noticed the need for new outdoor seating and thought it would be a good project for prisoners at the Puna Tatari Special Treatment Unit.
Thomsons ITM Drury donated wood that had been sitting in the yard and become twisted, which was then levelled out by prisoners learning a new trade in the Offender Employment Carpentry Training Workshop. From there the wood was brought into Puna Tatari where the participants went about constructing and staining six tables. 
 L-R: Principal Corrections Officer; Jimbob Gregory, Principal Psychologist; TeeJay Halliday, Ararimu School Principal; Christine Stuart, Thomsons ITM Drury; Caleb Steunebrink



Samoa Rebuild - 2009 tsuanami

Trish and Greg Thomson have recently had the pleasure of going to Samoa on holiday.
"We were approached by St Pauls Collegiate to send a container of building materials to supply their team of building students who went over to help in the reconstruction. We didn’t hesitate to become involved to support St Pauls in their reconstruction efforts ".
After the September 2009 Tsunami in Samoa, St Pauls Collegiate sent a team of their wood working students to help the rebuild.
Right are the Taufau Beach Fales that were build by St Pauls Collegiate using Thomsons ITM building materials.
" It was very sobering talking to survivors about their experience ran their losses and we were very humbled to have been able to help in a small way " Trish Thomson


Demm 100 trolley derby night

We love to get letters like this...
Just a quick note of personal thanks for your contributions and input into the 2015 SKF National Maintenance Engineering Conference trolley derby night. The night was a riproaring success, providing much hilarity and enjoyment for all and far exceeding our expectations. In our 13 years of running this event, the “trolley derby” night was quite likely the best ever! Behind the scenes, I am well aware of how much effort and input went into building the trolleys. They performed so well that there was huge demand to purchase them at the end of the night. The attendees appreciated and celebrated your input and I just wish to thank you directly."


Carlyle Motorsport

Thomsons ITM are key sponsors of Carlyle Motorsport and proudly watched the Papakura brothers, Louis Carlyle, Ash Caryle and brother in law Brad Brown battle for series glory in the Counties Classic OFF Road Racing Series. The Counties Classic is at the forefront of a resurgence in interest in off road racing.  You can follow the team at Carlyle Motorsport.


St Pauls Collegiate Year 13 construction class


2015 - 2016

Thomsons ITM have been proud to have been involved with the St Pauls Collegiate Year 13 Construction Project.

They have been a great group of students to work along side with and we look forward to helping with next year's class.









Dec - 2015 Trees at the Meteor

Thomsons ITM make this event happen.
In partnership with Incedo, Thomsons ITM invested in Trees at the Meteor from its conception and has supported it to where it is today.  The support from the community is immense. 2008 saw 1800 people through the doors, last year it grew to 6000. The festival is in now in it's eighth  year.  
Thomsons ITM support the event financially as the principle naming sponsor and also add so much more in practical value by supplying stylistic plywood Christmas tree pyramids and plinths for tree entries.
Trees at the Meteor is held in December.