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Thomsons ITM supply the right building materials at the best price. Our trade building representatives are not your typical reps; With 25 years’ experience in the industry their wealth of knowledge is unbeatable. Committed to your project, however big or small, they will advise and support you with all aspects of your build from conception to completion.

From foundations to finishing lines. Supporting group builders, independent builders, fencing contractors and landscapers.


We know managing your LBP points is one of your least favourite jobs! That’s why we’ve created the new ITM App for builders. It’s the easiest and simplest tool available to help you keep up with your LBP license requirements. Plus it’s packed with extra features too!

Get the ITM APP for builders now.
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Building Act changes

To help you with the changes ITM have put together a series of 9 quick videos explaining the major changes and helping you get the documents and files you need. 
Be sure to share this with your subbies, apprentices and colleagues so that everyone is up to speed. The whole 9 part series is just over 5 minutes long!

Product warranty & maintenance information

ITM have compiled a list of suppliers who have confirmed they have warranty and/or maintenance information available. As warranty and maintenance information can change from time to time we recommend you confirm all details with the latest copies available from their website.

For all other suppliers or products please discuss with your local ITM store or sales representative.

Why choose Thomsons ITM

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