Get your rental property up to code

July 1 2016
All landlords must declare the level of insulation in their rental properties and have installed smoke alarms.  Landlords will then have three years to ensure their properties meet minimum insulation standards.
All tenancies, including boarding houses, must have ceiling and under-floor insulation with a minimum thickness of 70mm by July 1 2019.

The new standards apply to habitable spaces: Garages and storage spaces are excluded. Under-floor insulation applies to suspended wooden floors. If a property sits on a concrete slab, that counts as insulation.
There are three exemptions to the new insulation rules; If a property's physical design makes it impractical to retrofit, if a property is sold and immediately rented back to the former owner-occupier, like properties NZTA has bought for roading projects and properties which are due to be demolished or substantially rebuilt.
If tenants have a problem with insufficient insulation they can take a case to the Tenancy Tribunal. The Tribunal can order damages of up to $3000.

Housing NZ rental properties must have the new standard of insulation by July 1 2016

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 Insulation requirements